A. Privacy Policy

On 25 May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation, applicable to all Member States of the European Union, entered into force. One of its priorities is the protection of the rights of data subjects.

RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda, is in compliance with this Regulation, as it values ​​and respects the rights of its clients, being governed by the principles of privacy, confidentiality and transparency.

Thus, pursuant to the provisions of Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation, it informs:

The entity responsible for the processing of personal data is RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda, and the exercise of any right and / or contact should be made to the following email: info@comuniti.pt, or by letter sent to RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda, Avenida 25 de Abril 19F, 4AM, Santa Maria da Feira 4520-161.

Only personal data required for the Data controller's professional activity is collected, and personal data are processed solely for the purpose of buying and selling products or services, using the website or any of the applications for mobile phone, or when you contact us.

Personal data essential for marketing by the Data Processing Officer may also be used if the customer gives his or her express consent.

All personal data subject to processing are legally based on the absolute necessity for the performance of the existing contract between the Data Controller and the customer, or in accordance with the legitimate interests pursued by the Personal Data Controller.

Personal data will have to be transmitted to entities whose collaboration is indispensable for the sale of products or the provision of the service. These entities assume the position of subcontractors, such as carriers, IT companies, media agencies and platforms for sending communications. .

If you make a payment on our website, your payment will be redirected to Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd, which will be responsible for the processing of your personal data, for this specific purpose of payment for a product or service.

For accounting / invoicing purposes, the data are transmitted to the accounting firm with which the relevant service contract is entered into.

All data transmitted will be the minimum required for full compliance with the contract, in compliance with the principle of data minimization.

Subcontracting entities are bound by the same duty of confidentiality, confidentiality and protection of personal data, so that the transmitted personal data are subject to the same type and purpose and are subject to the same legal conditions.

Customers' personal data are retained, depending on their category, for the legally prescribed time periods, either by the Data Controller or by the contractors.

In addition to these deadlines:

Customer management in loyalty programs: 5 years;

Marketing: 3 years since the last access to the site;

Site or platform user management: 1 year since last access to the site or platform;

Home deliveries: 3 years after the date of delivery;

The customer is guaranteed the right of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation of the processing and portability of their personal data. The exercise of the rights can be requested by telephone from RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda. (351 308 802 122), in writing (Address: Avenida 25 de Abril 19F, 4AM, Santa Maria da Feira 4520-161) or by email address (info@comuniti.pt).

The holder of personal data can claim their rights either from RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda, or from the National Data Protection Commission, with address at Rua de São Bento, 148, 3rd, 1200-821 Lisbon , Telephone: 213928400, Fax: 213976832 and email: geral@cnpd.pt.

The personal data provided for in II are a legal and contractual obligation and are therefore absolutely essential and necessary for the sale of products or services by RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda. Therefore, their holders are required to provide this data. , otherwise it may not be possible to sell products or provide any services by RT&A Gestão & Consultoria, Lda.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or your personal data, please contact us:

 - by email: info@comuniti.pt

 - by telephone: 351 308 802 122

B. Cookie Policy

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