COMUNITI.PT is an online shopping platform that offers fair prices and quality products in an honest and innovative way, transferring power back to the consumer and empowering our community to shop smarter.

Bringing together some of the most advanced resources currently available for e-commerce, along with original and innovative features, COMUNITI.PT presents one of the world's most innovative e-commerce solutions and new models for online shopping.

COMUNITI.PT aims to respond to a growing need for a customized and convenient supermarket shopping platform that is not currently met by the Portuguese food retail market. By applying innovative operating models and market strategies, COMUNITI.PT can deliver competitive pricing, high product quality, excelling customer service and an exceptional shopping experience. At its core, COMUNITI.PT consists of 3 main features:

● Real-time pricing information - Consumers can check price information for each product on 4-5 of the leading players in the domestic market and make an informed buying decision.

● Buy More - Pay Less - COMUNITI.PT offers additional quantity discounts, ie if you buy more units of the same item, the price per unit will drop.

● Group Purchase Option - ComuniTI Buy - consumers can create and participate in purchasing groups where they can come together as a community and have access to additional discounts for daily essentials.


Comuniti.pt is an innovative, community-centric online and mobile shopping platform designed to serve and empower individual consumers as a community, enabling them to access better prices and quality products and services.

Our goal is to introduce a completely innovative model for online and mobile shopping, based on honest and transparent pricing, and consumer-centric capabilities, to enable our customers to make smart, informed purchasing decisions in a fun, reliable and that saves time.

In addition, COMUNITI.PT will allow individual consumers to unite as a community and gain access to even better prices, transferring power back to consumers.

Our goal is to create a true sense of community that will grow organically through a referral system to become a national network of consumers who benefit from each other's purchasing power to get the best prices on the products they need, more conveniently and in a time-saving manner.